paroco medical equipment tim na sastanku

One of the important subprocesses in the work of the PAROCO service is the installation, assembly and commissioning of the equipment. The complexity of the activity and the specificity of the work environment, as well as the limiting factors of the application site during assembly or installation, require special responsibility and commitment of the PAROCO technical staff, who successfully fulfills every set task.Detailed planning and organization of assembly / installation in accordance with the requirements of the user, matching with the needs of the workplace and the application of equipment are the basic precondition for a quality solution for assembly and installation. Special accent is placed on the safety and warranty for installed equipment, compliant with all the world standard for each individual product.

PAROCO technical staff is highly qualified, externally educated and certified by the manufacturers of all products of the program that PAROCO has in its offer, for the implementation of installation and commissioning. The warranties on the services rendered are a feature of a reliable partner, proper and safe operation of the equipment in question, which represent a key backbone in the work of the end user. The commissioning of medical devices is an inseparable unit with installation in the PAROCO offer with the education of end-users of the respective medical devices.