Maquet-Getinge Cardiopulmonary

Devices for Extracorporeal life support

ROTAFLOW Console and Pump

ROTAFLOW can function independently of the HL-20 machine as the so-called stand alone unit. Flow sensors and air sensors are an integral part of the pump. This system works very quietly thanks to low voltage power supply from the console. The blood flow is precisely measured at the outlet of the pump thanks to a unique ultrasonic technology.

The ROTAFLOW pump is characterized by a minimum filling system as well as a minimum contact area without zones where it is possible to retain the blood. This pump has the lowest hemolytic index on the market. Thanks to these features, it is possible to perform any ECMO procedure using ROTAFLOW pump and console.

PLS set (Permanent Life Support) is used with the ROTAFLOW system and is certified for use up to 14 days. It is coated with heparin (BIOLINE coating) from beginning to end (Tip to Tip) and the possibility of hemolysis is reduced to a minimum. HIT sets are recommended for patients who are hypersensitive to heparin (SOFTLINE coating) and are certified for up to 5 days.

The ROTAFLOW pump can be used equally in adults as well as in children and neonates with high patient safety.