Maquet-Getinge Cardiopulmonary

Devices for Extracorporeal life support


The HL-20 (Heart Lung) system is a very reliable and adaptive device for all cardiovascular interventions. Roller pumps mounted on the console operate quietly and reliably using low voltage power from the console itself. Complete management and monitoring of this EKK system (Extra Corporate Bloodstream) is conducted from one panel. It contains all current data and all warnings that are controlled only with one button (except for pump speed).

In the event of a power failure, batteries that allow safe operation of the machine until the end of the operation are automatically switched on. The pump housing is made of stainless steel and all connections and cables are placed inside to avoid unwanted events due to breaking and twisting of the cable as well as incorrect connection. All alarms and interventions are manifested visually and acoustically and can be extinguished by pressing only one button.

The system can measure up to 4 pressures and 4 temperatures. The prevention of air emissions in the system is done in two ways: level sensors as well as ultrasonic micro air bubble detector. It is also possible to additionally install a system for the monitoring of cardioplegia and its delivery, including level, amount, time, temperature and pressure.

The Rotaflow centrifugal pump, which is an integral part of the HL-20 system, can be used as a fully independent Stand Alone machine.

Sets that are available are made according to the design the clinic deliver. QADROX - I is an oxygenator and an integral part of the set that is extremely easy to fill, with a very high percentage of gas and temperature changes, as well as with a low percentage of pressure changes within the oxygenator itself. There is more version of QUADROX-I oxygenator considering the size of the patient itself:

1. QADROX - I Adult

2. QADROX - I Small Adult (can be with or without an integrated arterial filter)

3. QADROX - I Pediatric

4. QADROX - I Neonatal (the smallest oxygenator in the market with integrated arterial filter)