Maquet-Getinge Cardiopulmonary

Devices for Extracorporeal life support


Cardiohelp – I is an "gold standard" appliance in ECMO procedures (Extracorporal Membrane Oxigenation). Thanks to its technological advantages, dimension and simple management, Cardiohelp - I became an irreplaceable V - A (venous - arterial) and V - V (venous-vein) ECMO in intensive care, cardiology, cardiac surgery, thoracic surgery, urgency center, catheterization, etc. The device itself allows the corners to work safely, because each moment measures and displays 4 external pressures, 3 internal pressures, 2 outside temperatures, 2 internal temperatures, venous saturation with oxygen, hemoglobin, hematocrit, flow and kidney air detection.

The number of indications in which the use of Cardiohelp-I device has been steadily increased:

1. V - A (venous-arterial) ECMO

- Post cardiomyopathy support

- Acute myocardial infarction

- Pre-operational support, support for heart and lungs

- Time for decision or recovery

- pre- and post-transplant support

- High-risk PCI

- Cardiogenic shock

- Myocardial infections

- Time to transplant, etc.


2. V - V (venous-vein) ECMO


- Heavy forms of HOBP

- Lung embolia

- Septic shock

- Time for lung transplant

- Lung complications caused by the influence of H1N1 and many other viral infections, etc.

Cardiohelp-I is also intended for short-term perfusion of cadavers, or potential donors of the organs, because it allows for vital transplant organs to be maintained intact until the moment of transplantation.

With Cardiohelp - I, a wide range of sets (consumables) are used, which with their quality enable safe work on the patient:

1. HLS Set Advanced 7.0 / 5.0 - represent a unique combination of oxygenator and vein and arterial lines that are completely heparin-coated. This allows for safe work on the patient up to 30 days, which represents a unique advantage on the market.

In the oxygenator itself there is an integrated pump as well as pressure and temperature sensors.

Possible flow rate is from 0.5 - 7.0 L / min.

2. The MECC / CIS set is an ideal solution for cases when it is necessary to do a short-term ECMO (high-risk PCI, post cardiotoxic ECMO, cadaver perfusion ...)

These sets are certified for use up to 6 hours.

3. Arterial / Venous Canals of a different diameter (from 13 Fr - 29 Fr) as well as length (15 - 55cm) are coated with heparin, which in combination with HLS Set Advance on the market represent a unique system that is completely coated with heparin (Type to Type) and the possibility of hemolysis in the guaranteed period (30 days) is almost impossible.

4. PIK 100 / PIK 150 is a part of a set that allows very easy execution of percutaneous cannulation and positioning of the cannula in the blood vessels.

5. AVALON Dual Cannulas are used if you want to access only through a single blood vessel connection. Recommendation for use in neonatos and small children.

Cardiohelp - i system comes in combination with a mobile carrier for the device, a gas blender, a heating and cooling unit (Heater Unit) and a special part for manually handling the ECMO procedure in case of failure of the device itself.

Cardiohelp - I is the only device on the market that is certified for the patient's transport by ambulance, train, plane or helicopter