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System operating tables


OTESUS represents the intelligent evolution of the proven ALPHAMAQUET OR table system. With its versatile table tops, the OTESUS 1160 can be used across all surgical disciplines. In addition to its clinical uses, the OTESUS 1160 is particularly distinguished by its cost-effectiveness; thanks to its compatibility with the existing ALPHAMAQUET equipment the cost of upgrading can be significantly reduced. The expanded range of tilt and Trendelenburg/ reverse Trendelenburg angles enhance the use of gravity to achieve the best possible exposure of the surgical site, enabling improved access in minimally invasive interventions. Improved positioning possibilities thanks to an expanded range of angles for combinations of Trendelenburg/reverse Trendelenburg and lateral tilts Lower table positions – enhancing ergonomics, and providing better access to obese patients and patients in beach chair and lateral positions Smooth, precise and controlled table movements for greater accuracy during intraoperative re-adjustments User-friendly bi-directional hand control with many workflow-enhancing features such as pre-programmable positions Maximum weight capacity of 380 kg /838 lbs prepares you for extreme situations