The establishment of an educational center and the implementation of education in the field of laparoscopic surgery and minimally invasive procedures was initiated 11 years ago. By building and putting into use the Paroco business facility in 2006, within which the education center is located, basic conditions for conducting educational courses are provided. By establishing cooperation with the Center for Continuing Education at the Medical Faculty in Novi Sad and by the moderator Prof. Dr Radovan Cijanović, a team of prominent instructors in various areas of surgery, as well as accompanying medical personnel, have fully provided the conditions for organizing the first educational course of this type in 2007.

The leading concept of an educational course is oriented towards acquiring the theoretical and practical knowledge of the operator in laparoscopic and minimally invasive procedures, within the basic and advanced course, with the optimal conditions for working on the simulators and in the operating room. The work on the simulators meets sophisticated requirements for improving the manual capabilities of the surgeon, combining the work on creatively designed exercises and work on animal tissue and organs, carefully adapted to the theme of the course. Advanced educational courses in addition to the above mentioned include the work of trainees in an experimental animal (pig) in the operating room, where all requirements of real work in operating rooms in health institutions are met.

Since 2009, cooperation has been established with the Association of doctors of Vojvodina of the Serbian Medical Society in Novi Sad, responsible for issuing the certificates for lecturers and course instructors, evaluated in the process of maintaining licenses for health workers.

Since 2007, 32 courses have been held in the field of abdominal surgery, urology and gynecology. Average attendance per course is 16 attendees. Average number of trainers / instructors and members of the accompanying team- 12. Courses have international circumstances. In addition to the participants from Serbia, the participants who attended the course were from the Republic of Srpska, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Ukraine, Belarus, Libya and Russia. Guest lecturers are also of international origin: Slovenia (Dr. Nado Vodopija), Bulgaria (Prof. Dr. Vladimir Dimov) and Hungary.


By adhering to the basic concept of educational courses, the offer and accompanying course services are continuously improved. A significant source of ideas and suggestions for improvement was obtained by interviewing all course participants.
In the perspective, organizing of educational courses in flexible endoscopy is planned, of which all visitors of the PAROCO web site will be informed in a timely manner.

Application for the course

For course participants, we are able to offer accommodation within our company. To check the availability of capacity, please call +381 21 6776 520

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Moderator-instructor Dr. Radovan Cvijanovic (Medical Faculty, Novi Sad)
Ass. Mr. med. sci. Prof. Milan Korica (Faculty of Medicine, Novi Sad)
Doc. med. sci. Dr. Dejan Ivanov (Faculty of Medicine, Novi Sad)
Ass. Radmila Popovic (Clinical Center of Vojvodina, Novi Sad)